quarta-feira, julho 26, 2006

A propósito ainda da "VIDA SECRETA DAS PALAVRAS"

From bleading broken and still alive Lebanon.

I have been forwarded this insulting link for CNN doing what they dare to call a quick vote under this title: "Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?" The key apparently to saving the situation is to click yes or no, with a choice of viewing the votes! Over 150 Lebanese have been killed so far, mainly civilians: women and children. More than 500 injured, the whole infrastructure destroyed in one week. We are living in fear, no safe harbours anymore. The target is not hizbollah. We are all living walking targets. This is not for sympathy, this is anger. The israelis declared this morning that the UN not doing its job and they are asking for international troops to create a buffer zone between the two countries. Soon, I fear this country that happens to be in the wrong place will stop being a country. A memory, with a UN stamp as a visa. I have often stated my country to be an illusion with a flag, some left trees , a sea and a mountain and patriotic songs, added to the possiblity of shopping. Yet, today , now as I write, there was an old woman shouting from her destroyed village that she will not flee; that she will die on the land that is HERS. And yes, I found out, at the hard price of memory and repeated history, that this is ours. My friends, do not forward the CNN message; do not accept to be a toy, a virtual reality, a death toll on TV. We are living, breathing. We still ARE. And we will remain here. In this LAND that is OURS. Pray, hope, stand .... don't vote for Lebanon. Lebanon is us.

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