sábado, janeiro 20, 2007

elizabeth peyton

Born in 1965, Elizabeth Peyton paints and draws portraits of people who are in some way close to her – whereby her relationship to her subjects can assume a variety of forms. They might be personal friends, but could equally be historical figures or popstars. The crucial factor is the intensity of the encounter that first inspired the artist to preoccupy herself with these `companions'. Whether a close companion or a worshipped idol, in Peyton's paintings and drawings the distinctions between friends and stars ultimately become blurred.

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borboleta disse...

O que é isto?
Tentei fazer 1 comentário e veio devolvido?? Será que o "estrangeiro vírico" já estragou este sítio?

borboleta disse...

Pelos vistos agora consegui passar, mas a inspiração foi-se-me.

Mas, gosto da Elizabeth Peyton que só podia mesmo ser americana.